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Don’t put salt in your food, put salt on your food.
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What are Finishing Salts?

In the past, people typically used only two types of salt — kosher salt and table salt. However, the refining process of these salts removes distinct character qualities that exist beforehand in nature and also removes minerals. So what is finishing salt? It is an unrefined, all-natural salt that enhances the flavor of your favorite dishes — just a sprinkle can add voice and texture.

How do I use them?

Salt Cellar culinary products include more than 50 international artisan and domestic flavor-infused finishing salts. Our motto is “don’t put salt in your food, put salt on your food.”

Our finishing salts have great texture and flavor and deserve to be served at the table. Let it touch your tongue to set up the perfect taste experience. When the right salt is paired correctly to a dish, bliss happens. We guarantee our premier salt — the Italian Black Truffle — will electrify any pasta dish!

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Flavor-Infused Finishing Salts

Try our rich, coffee-flavored salt on a sweet dollop of vanilla ice cream. You’ll never want to eat ice cream any other way again. Our rosemary-infused salt will work wonders as a meat rub or on any style of potato or any style of egg. Each Salt Cellar finishing salt can turn the ordinary dish into an extraordinary dish. We want you to share your salt stories with us at our blog and see what other salt lovers are experiencing!