Dry Brine Your Thanksgiving Turkey

Perhaps you’ve heard of brining, the process of soaking a large piece of meat in salty water in order to add flavor and moisture. It might seem complicated, or something only a gourmet would dare try. Dry brining is a similar process, using salt, without the need for a container large enough to immerse your … Continued

It’s Soup Season! Warm Up With Some Salt Cellar Favorites

Saying goodbye to the long, hot days of summer isn’t always easy, but settling into fall with warm comfort foods helps to make the transition more enjoyable. Studies show that comfort foods can improve mood, increase a sense of well-being and decrease loneliness. Soup is the perfect comfort food, and can be made in advance … Continued

Ghostly Recipe Ideas to Heat Up Your Halloween Party

Ghostly Recipe Ideas to Heat Up Your Halloween Party Halloween is a fun time for parties and get-togethers with friends. Whether you go all-out with costumes and decorations or decide on just a simple gathering, these recipe ideas will help bring the spirit of the holiday to the table. We’ve assembled three of our hottest … Continued

Authentic Icelandic Recipes You Must Try To Warm Up This Winter

Authentic Icelandic Recipes You Must Try To Warm Up This Winter As the days in the northern hemisphere are getting shorter, and winter closes in, we begin to search for foods that keep us warm and help us adjust to the falling temperatures and shorter days. We thought we’d take a look at our Icelandic … Continued

Salted Caramel Recipes to Complete your Fall Desserts

Salted Caramel Recipes to Complete your Fall Deserts Fall brings vibrant foliage, cooler days, warm sweaters, and delicious comfort foods that help us settle into the new season. With its warm, orange color and delicious buttery flavor, caramel is one flavor that welcomes the season like no other. In our recipes below, we’ve used our … Continued

Tailgating Recipe Ideas

Tailgating Recipe Ideas Think football, and tailgate parties most likely come to mind as well. Fall is a great time to get together with family and friends, and whether your party destination is at a stadium, or simply in your backyard, our quick and easy recipe ideas will score a touchdown with all of your … Continued

Labor Day Barbecue Recipes Done Right with Salt Cellar

Labor Day Barbecue with Salt Cellar’s Gourmet Sea Salts Summer passes in the blink of an eye. Before this glorious season slips away, why not celebrate with friends and family. We’ve put together a few simple and delicious recipes, using some Salt Cellar gourmet sea salt favorites to get you started. Our make-ahead Fridge pickles … Continued

Avocado Toast with Salt Cellar Sriracha Sea Salt

Avocado and Sriracha Toast Avocado toast is healthy, filling, quick, easy, and delicious. It’s great for any time of the day including breakfast, lunch, or an afternoon snack. One of our favorite breakfast recipes is avocado toast with our Sriracha Sea Salt sprinkled on top. This gourmet sea salt is a favorite amongst avocado breakfast … Continued