A Quick, Healthy, & Delicious Breakfast with a Salt Cellar Twist

Sriracha-Salted Avocado and Egg Whether you follow a Ketogenic or Paleo diet, or simply a healthy eating plan, avocados and eggs are a great source of nutrition. Avocados are packed with nearly 20 vitamins and minerals. They are one of the only fruits that contain heart-healthy monounsaturated fat. They are naturally sodium and sugar free, … Continued

Keep Sensational Summer Skin Through The Heat, Sun, & Sand

Sensational Summer Skin Ahhh summer! Long, lazy days by the ocean, barbecues, vacation time with family and friends. Sound familiar? Maybe you’re thinking about it, but reality is, you still have to work, cook, clean, and manage a household. Finding time for fun in the sun is not always easy, but you can still enjoy … Continued

Avocado Toast with Salt Cellar Sriracha Sea Salt

This quick and easy Avocado Toast is great for anytime. Serve it for breakfast, lunch, or an afternoon snack. Our Sriracha infused sea salt adds just the right touch of spice and bumps this recipe up a notch from “Good” to “Let’s make it everyday”! Ingredients: Sour dough or your favorite toast Avocado spread spring … Continued

Your Favorite Summer Recipes Made Better with Gourmet Sea Salts

Summer BBQ Recipes Using Himalayan Salt Bring on the sunshine, warm lazy days, swimming, and barbecues with family and friends. While the days are long, the season is short, so embrace the heat, and make it a summer to remember. We’ve pulled together a few of our favorite summer barbecue recipes and salt block tips. … Continued

Celebrate Spring with Salt Cellar Gourmet Asparagus Recipe Ideas

Think spring vegetables and few come to mind ahead of asparagus. This stalky green is packed with vitamins and minerals, and gets an A+ for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Factor in its versatility and, who wouldn’t make asparagus the star of an annual spring dinner party or simple weeknight meal? Add your favorite Salt … Continued

Taking A Natural Approach To Your Skincare Routine

Whether you keep up with the Kardashian’s or not, you probably couldn’t help but notice eldest sister Kourtney in the news recently. Ms. Kardashian paid a visit to congress with the Environmental Working Group (EWG) in support of legislation sponsored by Senators Dianne Feinstein of California, and Susan Collins of Maine. The legislation introduced the … Continued

Wine & Food Pairings: Salt Cellar Edition

When it comes to pairing food and wine, methods range from the most basic to the scientific. Red wine with red meat and white with fish is a simple rule, and leaves the details to personal preference. Francoise Chartier, in his book Taste Buds and Molecules: The Art and Science of Food, Wine, and Flavor, … Continued