Salt for a Chef: The Oar House

The Oar House on Portsmouth’s historic Ceres Street, is one of the oldest restaurants on one of the most storied streets in Portsmouth. They serve up some of the best seafood and dinner fare on the Seacoast. We let the chef there, the young, talented Sam Darrell have his choice from our salt collection. He … Continued

The Easiest Way to Pre-Season your Food

Judit shows how quick and simple it is to pre-season your food with a himalayan salt block. Serving food on a solid Himalayan salt block can be a great way to improve the taste of food while providing an innovative presentation experience. Your Himalayan salt product has been carved from a single salt rock that … Continued

How to use a Himalayan Salting Cube

This quick video will show you how to use a Himalayan Salting Cube.   Doug makes it look super easy, because it is! Salting Cubes are a simple way to add great Himalayan salt flavor to pasta water, stew, soup and chili.   Our Salting Cubes are only $10 and can be purchased right here!

Bloody Mary & Salt Swizzler Tutorial

Doug shows how easy it is to perfectly salt your Bloody Mary with a Salt Swizzler. Great for flavoring soup, chowder, or Bloody Marys. Just 2 or 3 stirs is all it takes! Briefly flash-rinse with water to clean.  

Himalayan Salt Water Sole Solution and Why You Should Use It.

There are many health trends of dubious efficacy out there, but Sole (sol-ay) solution isn’t one of them. We checked the science and separated fact from fiction, and if you’ve been holding out on this emerging healthy habit, give it a try. What is Sole Solution? Sole solution is a salt water solution made from … Continued

Our Take on Fish Chowder

Living on the Seacoast in New England means two things: we have a lot of fish and it’s cold outside a lot of the time. Therefore, hearty, bracing seafood dishes are our birthright. It drives landlocked, seafood-less people to travel to our beautiful region in search of our famous cuisine. We were on a mission … Continued

Simple Uses For Your Himalayan Salt Block

Judit and Doug take a few minutes to share some simple uses for your Himalayan Salt Block.  Do you have a clever way of using yours?  Please pass along your pictures, videos, and suggested uses!  

DIY Bath Salt Recipe

If you have not designated some time during the week to use your “turn off” switch to just relax and ignore the outside world, we highly recommend you make it a priority. Place a “Do Not Disturb” sign on your bathroom door and set aside one hour a few times a week for your well-being. … Continued

Popcorn that POPS!

We figured it is time to conquer one of the classic salt applications. Popcorn. Popcorn is essentially a salt delivery vehicle. It has no real flavor by itself, and the experience is all texture, simultaneously fluffy and crunchy. It’s also super finicky. We’ve all had terrible batches with burnt flavors, too many tooth-destroying unpopped kernels, … Continued